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Protect Your Teeth With Sealants

Our teeth have grooves and crevices on their biting surfaces, and this creates opportunity for bacteria and plaque to cause tooth decay. One way to prevent this is with the use of dental sealants, thin layers of plastic that cover the biting surface of the teeth and make it less vulnerable to decay. Learn more about how this procedure can benefit you today.

How Do Sealants Protect Your Teeth?

Some of the most vulnerable parts of your teeth are their biting surfaces. Sealants provide protection by sealing off these vulnerable areas to ensure that food, debris, and plaque can’t permeate your teeth. By having teeth treated with dental sealants, you drastically reduce the chances of developing cavities, tooth decay, and other unwanted dental problems.

The Longevity of Dental Sealants

Sealants are an investment into maintaining excellent dental health. Typically sealants last about 5 years and can be replaced during your routine dental visit. At Hastings Family Dental, we strongly recommend children get sealants to help protect still developing and new permanent teeth from damage.

Trust Hastings Family Dental for Sealants

If you want to do something beneficial for you or your child’s teeth, then consider dental sealants for your next dental visit. Contact our offices in Hastings or Doniphan, NE to learn more.

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