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Enamel Shaping & Tissue Recontouring

Enamel shaping and tissue re-contouring are additional tools that your dentist can use to fix a variety of dental anomalies. Simple, pain-free, and effective, enamel shaping only affects the outermost layer of your tooth. See how these processes can benefit your oral health.

Understanding the Enamel Shaping Process

Enamel shaping involves the strategic scraping of enamel to correct dental problems with minimal effort and without anesthesia. Tools that are typically used in enamel shaping include sandpaper strips, sanding disks, or fine diamond burs. Our dentists will remove just enough of your enamel to ensure a bright, healthy looking smile.

Who Needs Enamel Shaping or Tissue Recontouring?

Patients with certain minor imperfections can be helped with minimal inconvenience with the enamel shaping and tissue recontouring procedure. Here are some common examples:

  • Uneven front teeth
  • File down teeth that are too long
  • Minor overcrowding problems
  • Round off canines when needed
  • Chips in the teeth

While other solutions such as dental bonding may also be able to correct these faults, enamel shaping and tissue recontouring take the least amount of time, have a low cost, and only minimally alter the teeth.

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There are often a variety of treatments that can fix your smile and it’s up to your dentist to pick the procedure that leaves your oral health in the best possible state. Our doctors are highly trained in a wide range of dental treatments, and can recommend the optimal treatment to fix your smile. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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