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Teeth Whitening in Hastings & Doniphan, NE

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive treatment to enhance and brighten your smile. If you have been noticing signs of staining or discoloration, it might be time to consider one of our teeth bleaching treatments, here at Hastings Family Dental. Highly-effective and safe, our dentists in Hastings and Doniphan recommend teeth whitening for patients who are tired of flashing a yellowed or stained smile.

Our Treatment

When it comes to treating your discolored smile, our dentists at Hastings Family Dental will take a closer look at your smile and lifestyle to see which treatment fits your needs best. We use an innovative teeth whitening system, known as Zoom!, that will provide you with substantial, long-lasting results.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The advantage of in-office whitening procedures is that we use professional bleaching gel administered by our trained dentists which eliminates any risk of damage that can occur with pharmacy-sold teeth whitening treatments. Depending on the condition of your smile at the start of your treatment and your desired results, our Hastings & Doniphan dentists may recommend more than one round of treatment.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

While over-the-counter home whitening kits are widely available, these treatments are not nearly as effective as professional home teeth whitening kits. First, we take an impression of the patient’s teeth. This impression makes its way to our lab and is used to form your whitening tray that is used during home treatments. A powerful whitening gel is provided to apply to the tray for the patient to put on their teeth. Through this simple at-home process, patients can expect to remove stains and whiten their teeth by multiple shades.

How Long Do Treatments Last?

Teeth whitening can provide long-lasting results. Although cosmetic teeth bleaching is not permanent, eliminating foods and beverages that cause staining may allow you to wait one year or longer before another treatment. However, if you are a daily coffee drinker or enjoy eating blueberries frequently, you may notice your whiteness beginning to fade and require a touch-up in as little as a month.

Will They Damage My Teeth?

Many patients worry that teeth whitening will damage their tooth enamel, nerves, or dental restorations. Whitening products that contain only 10% of carbamide peroxide–an agent used for bleaching– have shown little to no effect on a person’s oral care.

Patients who have tooth-colored fillings, crowns, bonding, veneers, or implants will not see a whitening effect on their restoration. So, if you are seeking to whiten your teeth, but have damaged teeth, it is recommended to lighten your smile prior to your restorations so our dentists can accurately match their new color.

Investing in a New Smile

Regaining a renewed, beautiful smile is well worth the costs and our dental professionals will assure you receive the results you desire. The prices of whitening treatments vary, but generally, they may range anywhere from $400 and up, however, dental insurance typically does not cover it. You can ask our team during your next visit to see what your personal cosmetic whitening plan will cost.

Teeth Whitening Care & Tips

Keeping up with your general oral health is important to maintain a bright, white smile. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash should be a part of your everyday routine. Other tips to care for your bleached teeth include:

  • Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea, or soda on a daily basis
  • Brush or rinse immediately after consuming staining foods or drinks
  • Consider touch-up treatments every 6 months or so
  • Only use whitening toothpaste once or twice a week, otherwise, use regular toothpaste

Why Wait? Brighten Your Smile With Our Hastings Dentists!

Cosmetic teeth whitening is one procedure whose benefits are noticeable very quickly and without extensive dental visits. If you have staining or discoloration on some or all of your teeth, contact Hastings Family Dental today to explore your treatment options and lighten your smile.

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