At Hastings Family Dental, we recognize the importance of addressing even the smallest details that impact your oral health and comfort. A frenectomy is one such detail, a simple yet impactful procedure designed to correct issues with the frenulum, a small fold of tissue that can sometimes restrict the movement of the mouth’s soft tissues, such as the tongue or the upper lip.

The frenectomy procedure is straightforward and includes:

  • Initial Consultation: Assessing the need for a frenectomy and explaining the process.
  • Local Anesthesia: Applying a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • The Procedure: Carefully adjusting or removing the frenulum to alleviate tension and improve mobility.
  • Aftercare Guidance: Offering detailed instructions to support a quick and smooth recovery.

Benefits of undergoing a frenectomy include:

  • Enhanced speech clarity and eating comfort
  • Improved oral hygiene due to better access for cleaning
  • For infants, improved breastfeeding effectiveness by allowing a better latch
  • Relief from the discomfort and limitations of a restrictive frenulum

If you or your child are facing challenges related to a tight frenulum, our dentists and team are here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Raul Franco, Dr. Allison Kern, Dr. Chuck Bauer or Dr. Tressa Gloystein and discover how a frenectomy in Hastings and Doniphan, Nebraska, could significantly improve oral function and overall quality of life. Together, we can take a step towards enhanced oral health and comfort.