At Hastings Family Dental, we understand the importance of a straight, healthy smile. That is why we are proud to offer traditional metal braces as a reliable and effective orthodontic treatment option for our patients. Metal braces have been used for decades to correct a wide range of dental issues, from simple alignment problems to more complex bite concerns. With advances in orthodontic technology, today’s metal braces are more comfortable and appealing than ever.

The journey to a perfect smile with metal braces involves:

  • Initial Consultation: A thorough examination and discussion about your orthodontic needs and whether metal braces are the best solution for you.
  • Customized Treatment Plan: Crafting a personalized treatment plan that outlines the duration and specifics of your orthodontic care.
  • Brace Fitting: Attaching the metal brackets to your teeth, connected by wires that gently guide your teeth into their correct positions over time.
  • Regular Adjustments: Scheduled visits to our office for adjustments to the braces, ensuring steady progress towards your desired outcome.
  • Revealing Your New Smile: Once treatment is complete, the braces are removed to unveil your new, straighter smile.

Choosing metal braces at our practice offers numerous benefits:

  • Proven effectiveness for a wide range of orthodontic issues
  • Durable, with metal brackets designed to withstand everyday wear
  • Cost-effective compared to some other orthodontic treatments
  • Opportunity for personalization with colored bands

If you or your loved one is considering metal braces in Hastings and Doniphan, Nebraska, our dentists and team are here to provide the expert care and support you need. Contact us today to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Raul Franco, Dr. Allison Kern, Dr. Chuck Bauer or Dr. Tressa Gloystein. Let us embark on a journey to achieving the beautiful, straight smile you deserve.