At Hastings Family Dental, we are committed to unveiling the full potential of your smile, enhancing not just your appearance but also how you feel about yourself. Our skilled dentists and team offer specialized treatments in enamel shaping and tissue recontouring, designed to refine and perfect your smile’s aesthetics.

Enamel shaping and tissue recontouring are minimally invasive procedures that can make a significant difference in the symmetry and balance of your smile. Enamel shaping involves gently reshaping the tooth’s surface to correct minor imperfections such as slight overlaps or uneven edges. Tissue recontouring, on the other hand, adjusts the gum line to improve the appearance of teeth that look too short or to create a more even gum contour. The process includes:

  • Consultation: Understanding your aesthetic goals and assessing your oral health.
  • Planning: Outlining a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.
  • Shaping: Carefully reshaping the enamel or gum tissue to enhance the tooth’s appearance.
  • Polishing: Smoothing the tooth’s surface for a final touch.

Choosing enamel shaping and tissue recontouring at our practice comes with several benefits:

  • Improved tooth and gum appearance for a more balanced smile
  • Quick and painless procedures with immediate results
  • No downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities instantly
  • Enhanced self-confidence and a boost in self-esteem
  • A conservative approach to cosmetic improvements, preserving natural tooth structure

If you are interested in refining your smile with enamel shaping and tissue recontouring in Hastings and Doniphan, Nebraska, our team is ready to guide you through the process. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Raul Franco, Dr. Allison Kern, Dr. Chuck Bauer or Dr. Tressa Gloystein and take the first step towards achieving the harmonious, beautiful smile you have always desired.