At Hastings Family Dental, we are constantly seeking out the latest advancements in dental technology to enhance the quality, efficiency and comfort of your dental care. Our dentists and team are proud to introduce the™ in-office milling machine into our practice, a revolutionary tool that transforms the way we create dental restorations. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to design, craft and place high-quality crowns, bridges and other restorations in just a single visit.

The system combines advanced imaging technology with precise milling capabilities. Here is what it means for your visit: after diagnosing your need for a restoration, we use the system to take a digital impression of your teeth. This impression is then used to design a custom-fit restoration right in front of your eyes. The design is sent to the in-office milling machine, which carves your restoration from a block of high-quality dental material in a matter of minutes. Once milled, the restoration is fitted, adjusted if necessary, and then bonded to your tooth, all within the same appointment.

Benefits of the milling machine at Hastings Family Dental include:

  • Same-day restorations, reducing the need for multiple appointments
  • Elimination of traditional molds with digital impressions for a more comfortable experience
  • Precise fit and natural appearance of restorations, enhancing both function and aesthetics
  • Durable materials used to create long-lasting dental restorations
  • Streamlined treatment process, saving you time and providing immediate results

Experience cutting-edge dental restoration technology with the milling machine at Hastings Family Dental. Our commitment to investing in the best dental technologies ensures you receive restorations that are not just fast and convenient, but of the highest quality. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Raul Franco, Dr. Allison Kern, Dr. Chuck Bauer or Dr. Tressa Gloystein and discover the difference of same-day dental restorations in Hastings and Doniphan, Nebraska. Let us make your visit as efficient and comfortable as possible, getting you back to your life with a smile that is both beautiful and functional.