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My First Visit

We will do everything possible to make your first (and every) visit to Bauer and Howard Dental Care as pleasant and stress-free as possible. To help us serve you better, we'll need to know some basic information.

How can we serve you today?

What were you looking for when you made your appointment? Did you need a basic checkup and your teeth cleaned? Or is it something more significant - perhaps a tooth is giving you pain, your gums are bleeding, or you sense something doesn't look or feel quite right. Be up front and detailed about your previous dental experiences, and whether you're nervous about visiting the dentist in general. The more we know about your dental needs, the better opportunity we have to build your trust.

We usually begin with a thorough examination and complete set of x-rays, to give us a better view of your dental needs. We'll also ask for your medical and dental history, including any medications you may be taking. Our dentists or dental hygienists will screen for oral cancer and gum disease, as well as check for decay, missing and broken teeth, and the current state of any restorations. We will also screen for TMJ and bite issues.

Depending on your needs, one or more treatments will be scheduled.

Are you in pain?

If you are in pain, or have experienced a dental trauma, let us know, we will do all we can to see you on the day you call our office.

Do you want a simple cleaning?

Actually there is no such thing as a "simple" cleaning. Regular maintenance and cleanings are paramount to maintaining the health and beauty of your smile, so we give these procedures our complete and careful attention.

Are you searching for your dental professional?

We'll be happy to discuss with you why Bauer and Howard Dental Care is the best fit for your professional needs. We want you to be 100% comfortable with your choice of dental care providers. We will answer questions about your teeth, as well as insurance, future maintenance, and any other smile-related topics.